Pan Fried Plantains

I spent last summer in Ecuador and it was there that I had the best bananas I’ve ever eaten in my life. I didn’t really know what bananas tasted like actually until I was in Ecuador. Of course I had had bananas here at home but the bananas we eat in the US have been picked when they’re green and allowed to ripen during their travels in trucks and ships between countries. The bananas in Ecuador, however, have ripened on the banana tree and truely taste like no banana you’ve ever eaten in the US.

While I was in Ecuador, I ate bananas, plantains or some form of this fruit every day. My host mother cooked them with almost every meal and I would often grab one for an afternoon snack. Did I mention they cost 5 cents? (In Ecuador, that is.) So when I saw some plantains at my local grocery store here in New York, I decided to cut one up and throw it in a pan with a little bit of sugar so the pieces caramelized nicely. With a piece of toast and some peanut butter, it makes a great combination for a late night dinner or afternoon snack. Click below for the recipe.

1 plantain, ripe. The skin on the plantain should be mostly black, not yellow like a banana.
2 tbsp. sugar

1. Cut plantain into 1/2 inch to 1 inch segments and place in a pan.

2. Sprinkle sugar on both sides and cook on low heat until the sugar begins to caramelize and plantains turn golden brown, flipping occasionally, about 15 minutes.


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