Grilled Top Neck Clams

I went to my friends house in the Hamptons for the Fourth of July and it was a great weekend of eating, drinking, and catching up. Her parents are great hosts and as soon as I walked in the door, I felt like it was finally summer. It was a great break from the sweltering New York City heat and so refreshing. They picked up these Top Necks before we got there and it tasted like they had been taken from the water that day. They are similar to Little Necks but bigger in size. Thrown on the grill, these clams epitomize that feeling of summer- standing around the grill, drinking ice cold beer and catching up with old friends.

Clams, as fresh as possible
Melted Butter

1. Heat grill and put clams directly on the grates. When they open, take off the grill.
2. Add lemon juice as desired, dip in butter and eat right away, preferable standing outside with a cold beer or glass or crisp white wine and great friends.


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