The Friday Link- Ethical Meat Eating

“For me, eating meat is ethical when one does three things. First, you accept the biological reality that death begets life on this planet and that all life (including us!) is really just solar energy temporarily stored in an impermanent form. Second, you combine this realization with that cherished human trait of compassion and choose ethically raised food, vegetable, grain and/or meat. And third, you give thanks.”
-Jay Bost

The New York Times recently ran a contest in their Ethicist column where they asked writers to submit an argument for the ethics of eating meat. While we hear so many arguments for the ethics of NOT eating meat, rarely do we hear the other side. While I consider myself somewhere along the spectrum between vegan and hard-core meat enthusiast, I do like to read about people’s food choices and why we eat what we eat. It’s a great article that touches on a few aspects of what we consider ethical food choices.

There are many, many reasons why most of us don’t always choose the most ethical option every time we sit down to eat, but the more we think about it and discuss topics like this, then we’re all heading in a better direction.


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