The Wednesday Review- John’s on 12th St.

Photo courtesy of TimeOut New York

John’s is an interesting place and I love it. At first glance, it seems like an old-school Italian joint, which it is, but they also have an entire page of vegan options. I have a couple close friends who are vegan and going out for dinner with them can be a little more limiting with this extra restriction. John’s has a great vegan menu and a great regular menu that will make everyone happy. No matter what your dietary restriction, they are super-accomodating.

Food: I like to keep it simple here and go for the pasta. The spaghetti with marinara sauce is really satisfying and they usually ask you if you want extra sauce on the side. This would be an offensive question at a lot of upscale Italian restaurants where the dish is more about the pasta than the sauce but this is a red sauce joint so extra red sauce is always welcome. The goat cheese and spinach ravioli with tomato sauce is also a good pick as is an appetizer of garlic bread. For anyone refraining from meat and/or cheese, their vegan options are plentiful and include not only pastas with vegan cheese, but also entrees as well and everyone will definitely find something they like.

Atmosphere: The service is probably the reason I keep coming back here. Super-friendly, professional but fun waiters who love to keep the bottles of wine coming. Every time I’m here, we order a bottle for the table and usually get a couple more on the house. They don’t rush you out the second your plates are cleared which is always nice for a change, especially when dining with a group. The back of the restaurant is lit entirely by candlelight which gives a warm atmosphere without being too romantic.

They don’t take credit cards (probably the reason they’re able to give away all that free alcohol) so make sure you have cash on you. It’s also pretty inexpensive and most pasta dishes are around $12 and entrees are around $16.


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