I ate a lot of rice and beans in Brazil. Lunch and dinner everyday consisted of rice and beans along with whatever meat we had. Because we were staying with family, I was able to have a lot of traditional, home-style meals which are always the best kind. Below is a picture of a typical meal.

Feijoada, rice, yucca, farofa, chicken.

Feijoada is considered the national dish of Brazil and is a black bean stew typically made with beef, pork and sausage. In addition to rice, feijoada is eaten with farofa which is toasted cassava flour often flavored with butter, onions, eggs, smoked meat, or whatever else you want to add to boost the flavor. It’s basically like adding breadcrumbs to your rice and beans.

Coconut water straight from the source can be found along every beach in Brazil and along the streets as well. It’s especially refreshing when you’re in 100 degree weather everyday.

Dried shrimp and fish is particularly popular in the markets in Brazil and used to flavor a lot of stews. The most popular is called vatapa which is a coconut and dried shrimp stew that is typically eaten in Bahia-the northeast of the country.

The cheese selection at the market. The most interesting one we tried is called queijo mantega (butter cheese). It’s basically a white cheese mixed with butter until it has a semi-hard consistency and a strong butter flavor.

Flan. A typical dessert that is eaten throughout the world but in Brazil it’s usually made with condensed milk and topped with caramel.


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