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Cannellini Bean and Kale Soup with Chorizo

Chorizo Soup

While the day’s are getting longer and spring technically starts next week, it’s still pretty cold in New York. A warm and hearty bowl of soup is still very much welcome. Soup gives the sense of comfort and warmth and it’s ideal to take your time with it. Home-made chicken stock is always preferable but I find that I usually end up using a good quality store-bought one. Soup usually tastes better the day after it’s made after the flavors have had a chance to meld together. It’s a great thing to make on a Sunday and eat for the rest of the week.
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Baked Chickpeas

Canned chickpeas are a staple ingredient in my pantry. In the middle of February, I rely on a lot of staples when I start to get sick of all the cabbage and root vegetables available. I like to make these baked chickpeas as a nice change from hummus.
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Chili is a great one-pot meal. It’s a great way to feed a crowd. It’s also a great dish to make on Sunday and eat through the week. During the hurricane we had here in the Northeast, I cooked a lot. Chili was a great dinner on the nights we had to walk to and from work that week when we needed nourishment from the long walks and bitter cold.

The weather here in New York has turned from pleasantly brisk to frigid; requiring ear muffs and gloves rather than just making sure you’re wearing your flats and not your flip-flops. It’s nice to come home to a warm and spicy meal that can be heated up in the microwave.

I like to add lots of toppings when I make chili. My favorites are cheddar, sour cream, cilantro and tortilla chips or cornbread.
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Fairytale Eggplant, Cannellini Beans, Breadcrumbs

Even though it’s officially Fall and the weather is cooling down here in New York, late summer produce is still around and that means eggplant is at its peak. Eggplant can get a bad reputation for being mushy and greasy which it often is if not cooked correctly. I prefer to buy fairytale eggplant which has a much thinner skin and an overall mild flavor without any hints of bitterness.

This was a clean out the fridge kind of meal that proved to be much more successful than intended. I had some eggplant that was on it’s last days, leeks that had already been chopped and were sitting in a plastic bag, waiting to be used. I sauteed the eggplant along with the leeks and some garlic then warmed up the cannellini beans in the same pan. I tossed everything with feta, lemon juice and olive oil and then topped it off with these breadcrumbs.
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Summer Salad with Feta and Mint

This is the perfect summer salad. No cooking required and lots of veggies. I got the inspiration from a Smitten Kitchen recipe a while ago and have been making different variations of it since then but usually always keep the feta and the mint. This time I used arugula, cucumbers, radishes, corn, scallions, chickpeas for some extra protein and simply dressed it with lemon juice and olive oil.
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Pasta with Pesto, Kale and Cannellini Beans

With all the basil that’s been at the farmers market lately, I’ve been using any excuse to make and eat pesto. I’ve been putting it on the obvious like pasta and sandwiches and also even as a snack on saltines. Pesto freezes really well so it’s best to make it in big batches so you can have it into the winter months when theres no more fresh basil around.
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Summer Wheat Berry Salad

When it’s hot out, I look for anything I can make that doesn’t require turning on my oven. No matter how high the A/C is turned up, having the oven on increases the temperature in my entire apartment and is not worth it. That said, this recipe is great for a hot summer day and can be served at room temperature. And if you cook the wheat berries ahead of time, the cooking is very minimal. Just toss everything together with some lemon juice and olive oil. If you have any leftover it’s great the next day with some shrimp or chicken for some added protein.
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